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What caught our eye in radio and TV news this week

Kate Fallis
Kate Fallis
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There’s always something going on in the pop culture world, but perhaps the most exciting news for many reality TV fans across the UK this week is the beginning of Love Island, Season 4. Sure, it makes most people over the age of 40 roll their eyes, but you can’t deny it’s a bit of light relief in a world so full of depressing news. Sometimes it’s nice to take your mind off all of that, sit on the sofa in your PJs and indulge in something that doesn’t make you think too hard.

I must admit, I got completely hooked last year. Love Island is not something that had graced Australian television screens when I was living there (although Love Island Australia has now started this year) but having already enjoyed the likes of Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex, I thought I would give it a go. And what do you know, I absolutely loved it. Having been left unsatisfied by its winter stand-in, ‘Survival of the Fittest’, I have been counting down the days until Love Island returns!

You’re probably wondering why on earth this has any relevance to broadcast PR? Well, let me enlighten you… this year there will be a Love Island podcast. Oh yes, you heard right.



You’ll be able to get even more juicy content, and it really is a sign of the times that ITV have commissioned such a thing. To me, it shows they are listening to their audience, which are mostly young people hungry for any type of digital content on their favourite show.

Love Island fan conversations have been fuelled by social media since the beginning, so this was the obvious next step to deepen the obsession and make the show seem even bigger this year. ‘Love Island: The Morning After’ as it will be called, means we can get a full debrief on the events of each night’s show, neatly packaged up in audio form in time for our morning commute. It will be presented by TV and radio host Arielle Free, who’s a self-confessed Love Island superfan, as well as Kem Cetinay, one of last year’s winners. I’m interested to listen in and see how they do it. We’re not sure of the length or format just yet, but my predictions would be a snappy podcast with a cheeky tone, sure to hook in young fans and entertain them on the way to work or school.



If you’re not going to be tuning into the ‘Love Island: The Morning After’ podcast on your commute, perhaps you’ll be listening to BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show. If you’re a dedicated listener, chances are you may have heard presenter Nick Grimshaw’s announcement this week – he’s moving to the drive slot from September, swapping with fellow Radio 1 presenter Greg James.



For me personally, I think it’s the best move Radio 1 could have made. I often tune into Grimmy when I’m getting ready for work of a morning, but I have slowly found myself switching off due to its tired format and lack of creativity. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s great, but lately every show feels the same; it’s as if you can tell how tired Grimshaw is of getting up early and doing it.

While you’re here, why not read a summary of our recent Big Talk?

To be fair, I don’t blame him if he is a bit exhausted – he’s been doing the breakfast slot for 6 years now, so it’s probably about time he gets a well-deserved lie in! Speculation has been rife regarding whether or not the Beeb were behind the decision after disappointing RAJAR figures (which you can read more about here) but you can sympathise with someone staying in the same job for 6 years. Yes, this is no normal job we’re talking about, but he’s had his fun, done a great job while doing so, and it’s about time for a change.

And what exciting news for Greg James, a fantastic and entertaining presenter. It’ll be a delight to wake up with him each morning and see what changes this will bring to R1 Breakfast.

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