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Can effective media training be done remotely?

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Our team at Shout! consists of ex-journalists, so we know a thing or two about what makes a good interviewee. It’s crucial that your spokespeople are fully briefed and prepared for any television and radio interviews that our media relations team secures for them. At Shout! we offer media training to ensure this.

In our Bloomsbury studio, spokespeople are taken through a variety of TV and radio interview styles. This will include live, pre-recorded interviews, and down-the-lines. The interviews are then played back to the spokespeople and analysed by our trainers. The instant play back is an important feature of our media training as it helps the interviewee see what they can do to improve on their next interview.

With many companies having offices worldwide it is getting increasingly difficult to get people in the same room at the same time, not to mention more expensive. Therefore, we are looking at new ways of providing media training to people who cannot get to our London office. The most obvious way would be to get a company based in the country to facilitate the training. However, would it not be better for the team putting the spokesperson up for interviews to train them?

If the spokesperson is able to get to a local radio studio then it is possible for us to connect with the radio station’s equipment, which will enable our trainer to conduct effective radio training. This, however, does not enable the spokesperson to get any meaningful television training.

In the last decade, social media and programs such as Skype or FaceTime, have made the world smaller. At Shout! we are always looking at new technology to offer a better service to our clients, and online media training is one of them.

We have recently been working with a client who has offices all over the world. One of their spokespeople lives in America and needed to have a media training session for an upcoming television appearance. Time was of the essence and he would not be over in London before. So, we decided to use Skype to conduct the training.

When doing media training over Skype there are a few different things to think about to make the experience as good as possible. They include…

  • Internet connection – before we started we told our spokesperson to make sure that they had the best internet connection possible. Anyone who has used Skype before can tell you how infuriating a video call is if there is not a good connection. If our call was to cut out multiple times during the session the whole experience would be ruined and the spokesperson’s performance may suffer.
  • Equipment – to get the best experience, a laptop with a decent mic and webcam is recommended. Media training is all about us being able to see and hear the spokesperson, so a good webcam and mic is essential.
  • Location – similar to the point above, the location that the spokesperson is positioned in will have an effect on the quality of the training. Make sure they are in a well-lit room and not in front of a window (as this will affect the camera’s exposure). Also try to do the training in a quiet room. A busy office will affect the sound quality and probably the spokesperson’s performance!

While we were a little worried that Skype media training would give us limitations, we were pleasantly surprised that we were able to do everything we usually do, including playing back the recorded interviews!

While media training over Skype will never replace the real thing, it is definitely something to consider if your spokesperson is unable to get to London.

by Rory Green, videographer at Shout! Communications. If you’d like to know more about our Media Training, give us a call on 0207 240 7373, or email hello@shoutcommunications.co.uk.

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