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Filming a shoot abroad

Rory Green
Rory Green
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While we love filming video in London, Manchester, Liverpool or Ipswich there is nothing more exciting than being asked to jump on a plane for a shoot in another country.

We recently had the privilege to film Founders Forum’s first ever event in Rome.

The Founders Forum events bring together some of the world’s most high profile entrepreneurs, mixing established CEOs with young and up-coming founders of new technology companies.

Here is a link to the video we made for their flagship London event last year:

On the guest list at the Rome event we had Even Spiegel, (founder of Snapchat, 27 years old and worth over $5 billion) Sir Howard Stringer (Former President of Sony) and James Pallotta (Owner of Roma football Club) to name but a few. The team at Founders Forum wanted a film that contained as many soundbites from the guests as we could get and also shots that showed the beauty of the location.

Once the excitement of being commissioned to film in Rome died down we had to start thinking about the logistics of filming in another country. In this blog I will share my three top tips for filming abroad, from the perspective of a videographer.

Tip 1

Make a kit list.

When on a shoot kit is, quite obviously, extremely important. There is nothing worse than getting to a shoot nice and early, setting up and then finding out you don’t have the mains charger for the camera or something else equally important (not that that has ever happened to me!)

Therefore, we always make sure we are organised and have a checklist of all the equipment that we need for a shoot. That way when I am packing my kit bags I can just mark off what I am taking so nothing is left behind.

This is even more important for a shoot in another country. If you leave anything back in England you cannot nip back to the office or get a runner to jump on a plane!

The kit list also needs to checked back in when you are packing up for your flight back. No one wants to leave anything in another country!

Tip 2

Pack smart.

Unless your client has a huge budget, chances are you will be on a budget airline! Be careful when booking flights as usually the price will only include hand luggage, so if you are taking lots of gear then make sure to add on some extra baggage.

Using our Founders Forum shoot as an example, we knew we had to take a camera bag, tripod, slider, a laptop and some personal things. Therefore, we would need hand luggage and to bags to go in the hold (tripods are far too big to fit in the overhead locker!).

When packing it is always essential that you have the most fragile bits of equipment in your hand luggage, this meant that the camera body, lenses, mics and batteries were in my bag. It is also a good idea to have any memory cards and other bits, just in case the worst happens and the hold luggage is lost, then you still have the essentials to make a film!

Tip 3

Know the country you are filming in.

Each country has different laws and etiquette for filming. So, it is a good idea to read up on these before you leave. In the past, I have filmed in the Middle East. Due to local laws our filming equipment was confiscated, and we were told that we had to pay a 10% of the whole value of the equipment deposit in cash! Since I did not have a spare £2000 we had to spend a few hours negotiating the equipment’s release. Not great when you land at 3am local time and have to be ready to film at 9!

For our Founders Forum shoot we knew we wanted lots of nice shots of Rome to add some production value to the video.

Since we would be filming historical sites such as the Colosseum, Patheon and the Vatican we found out about the rules and regulations concerning filming in those locations ahead of time. The last thing we would want to happen is to set up a lovely shot, and get moved along by the Italian police before we are able to hit record!

Add stills with the caption, ‘as you can see we did not get moved on and got these images.’

At Shout, we are more than happy to film anywhere in the world so, if you have a filming project to discuss then get in touch!

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