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11 Top tips to get your PR video used! 

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By Rory Green

Video is everywhere! In fact, it is predicted that by 2019 80% of all internet traffic will be video. This raises two points….

  • If you are not using video in your PR campaign then why not?!
  • If you do use video, what can you do to make your video stand out from the mass amounts of video content out there?

In this article I will be sharing 11 top tips for getting some great results when creating a PR video.


Pre Production

1) Make a shot-list or storyboard: In the fast paced world of PR, video shoots can be extremely hectic. Therefore it is vital to have a good idea of what content needs to be filmed

2) Choose your music: Choosing music in advance will give you a good idea of the style of the final piece, and help dictate how you will film.

3) Go on a recce: If possible it would be good to see where you are filming in advance.  This will help discover any potential problems that could wreak your shoot.



4) Think about for kit: Will you be running around a big field getting lots of different shots? Or is your shoot based in hotel room? Depending on the location taking the right kit is a must. If speed is important think about getting a shoulder rig and stabiliser, if you have more time then why not add some gadgets such as a slider to add production value to you shoot.

5) Be organised: Make sure you follow your shot list and if recording sound bites make sure you or your producer knows the name of the speaker.

6) Think about sound: Unfortunately sound sometimes gets over looked in a busy shoot. However no matter how beautiful your video looks, if the sound is poor then the audience will not pay attention to the content.

7) Get creative: Always look for interesting shots. Its always good to give your self options in the edit, and better to have more footage than you need. Try (time permitting) and do a safe version and a creative version of each shot.

8) Don’t over shoot: I know that this contradicts point 7 but if you know that you are on a quick turnaround project then the last thing you will want to do is search through hours of rushes after a long shoot!


Post production

9) Best shots first: Modern audiences (especially in the online world) have very short attention span so make sure the first 10 seconds has something amazing that grabs your audiences attention.

10) Edit to the beat: In point 2 I said to choose your music, now is the chance to put it together with what you have shot. If its a fast track full your timeline with lots of quick edits, if its slow then make sure your shots are longer. If the music does not fit the edit style your audience will notice.

11) Add some effects: All editing programmes come with lots of filters and effects that you can add to your footage so why not add some grading to make your shots really pop or a light leak to add some production value!

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