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Video pre-production (and everything you should think about before the camera is even turned on!)

by Rory Green, Videographer

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Video production is exciting and the temptation when you’re involved is to turn the camera on as quickly as possible, and get filming. But, in our view, that doesn’t necessarily give you the best possible end result.

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Enhancing PR video

by Rory Green, Videographer

Using video in PR campaigns is nothing new, but with equipment coming down in price and up in quality, professional looking video is possible on a small budget. I believe that this is one reason that there has been a huge surge in the amount of branded video content that is currently populating many websites and social media channels.

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The future of PR video

by Rory Green, Videographer

Video content is ever changing. If you look at the most popular videos from a couple of years ago they are completely different in style and content to videos that are trending today.

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Video editing tips for Broadcast PR

by Rory Green – Videographer

Editing can make or break a video production. Get it right and the video will be successful, but get it wrong and all that production work could be wasted.

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Filming a shoot abroad

by Rory Green, videographer at Shout! Communications.

While we love filming video in London, Manchester, Liverpool or Ipswich there is nothing more exciting than being asked to jump on a plane for a shoot in another country. We recently had the privilege to film Founders Forum’s first ever event in Rome.

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Tim Cunningham – Executive Producer of The Wright Stuff

Kate Fallis reports on the first of our latest Big Talk speakers: Tim Cunningham, Producer of Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff.

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Why the relationship between PRs and Journalists is so important

Kate Fallis writes on her experiences after jumping the fence from broadcast journalist to PR professional…

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Could a sports star lead you to victory in your next campaign?

Having the right voice behind your next broadcast campaign is important – so let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using an athlete spokesperson.

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Video Streaming for PR Campaigns

Engaging relevant audiences, driving interest and influencing key stakeholders, these are just some of the benefits of live streaming as part of a broadcast PR campaign. 

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Matt Williams Small Talk

Shout! Communications recently held a Small Talk with BBC Radio 2 sports presenter and reporter, Matt Williams. Matt presents the sport on the Sony Award-winning Simon Mayo Drivetime show on BBC Radio 2. The show regularly reaches around 6.5 million people every week.

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Post-Production Techniques

As Videographer for Shout! Communications, I am lucky enough to get to edit some great video content. In the world of PR, videos need to be visually interesting, but often they need to be edited quickly and in some cases only a few hours after an event! In this blog I will share a few of my favourite post-production techniques that I use to add some visual flair to a video package – but don’t take up too much edit time.     

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Top Brush-offs Journalists Give PRs
By Catherine Bayfield You’ve got to be thick skinned when you work in PR and your job involves selling-in stories.   This is our bread and butter...
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Is Video Expensive?
By Keren Haynes You’re in a PR planning meeting, thinking about an upcoming campaign….But suggest producing video to support the story and the c...
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What Happens In TV Planning Meeting?
By Arthur Perkins Many of us in PR wonder what goes on at TV editorial meetings. Who attends, what is discussed, what angles there are and the mill...
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Broadcast PR coverage
What happens in a TV planning meeting?

Many of us in PR wonder what goes on at TV editorial meetings. Who attends, what is discussed, what angles there are and the million dollar question; how do editors decide on the stories they want to broadcast.

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3 top gadgets to use in a PR video
As Shout’s videographer I love using different gadgets and equipment to make our video productions stand out from the crowd. In this blog I will loo...
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Rebirth of the podcast

By Catherine Bayfield

Believe it or not, podcasts first came about in the 1980’s when they were known as audio-blogging. But it wasn’t until 2004 – when playback devices like the I-pod were introduced, that ‘podcasts’ became popular.

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media relations tips
Video Production: 17 hours filming onboard a boat!
As Shout! Communications’ videographer I have been asked to work on some interesting projects but our recent work supporting the charity Help for He...
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Broadcast PR: BBC Radio 1’s strategy to target a specific audience is working….slowly
BBC Radio 1’s strategy to focus on its younger audience exclusively, seems to be showing results…finally. Latest industry figures show radio DJ...
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QUIZ: “Is your broadcast PR story newsworthy?”
In a recent blog we talked about what makes a good broadcast PR news story and the factors you need to make one. News is by definition something new o...
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Why use video as part of your broadcast PR campaign?
Despite video being one of the most shared media online, many people in the PR world are often sceptical about investing time and money to create vide...
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blog one
You’ve spent a lot of money on a celebrity spokesperson – how do you get your money’s worth?

You’ve managed to secure a brilliant celebrity spokesperson for your PR campaign, but what next? If you are struggling to think of how to get the best results here are a few of Shout!’s top tips.

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Broadcast PR: An insider’s view of being a campaign spokesperson
At Shout! Communications we're always looking to find the best spokespeople for Broadcast PR campaigns. But what makes a great spokesperson? Well we...
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Top 10 PR event locations

Shout! gives its recommendations for the top ten filming locations in London.

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How broadcast newsrooms are changing in 2015

Ensure you maximise your chances of gaining broadcast pr coverage by keeping up to date with changing newsrooms in 2015

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Canon C100
Why you need to film your PR event

So the big night is finally here… the PR event you’ve spent weeks meticulously planning is about to start. But wait! You’ve just realised you don’t have a video team to capture the event. Oh well, right? I’m afraid not.

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Canon C100
Understanding B-roll

B-roll. You may have heard it mentioned, but if pressed can you really explain what it is?  And more importantly – why you should care?

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interviewer outside
Broadcast PR advice: Things PRs should never say to a journalist

Working as a broadcast journalist means working pretty closely with PRs and comms professionals, and while some are allies helping you to deliver the best stories to your audience, others can be more of a hindrance, and they tend to give everyone else a bad rep.

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hand on keyboard
8 tips for enhancing your PR video in post-production

We’ve all been there. You’ve just come back from the shoot and the rushes are looking great but as you sit down with your editor to put together your Oscar-worthy masterpiece it’s not quite coming together as you’d hoped.

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5 ways to ensure your PR video goes viral!

We’ve all seen them, and most probably all shared them. Over the last 10 years or so, viral videos have taken the Internet by storm. With over 700 videos shared on Twitter each minute, and 500 years of YouTube videos watched every day on Facebook, viral videos continue to amass millions of views at an incredibly fast rate.

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Online PR video
How to make your online PR video stand out from the crowd

Recognise this scenario? You’ve come up with a cracking campaign idea, you’ve got the perfect spokesperson, coverage has been going well, but your video isn’t delivering.

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Online PR video
3 time saving tips for better PR video production

Avoid wasting valuable time on your next PR video production project by following these three key time-saving tips.

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PR video
Getting started with PR Video

Taking on a PR video project for the first time? We’ve highlighted key tips and ticks from the pros to ensure it’s a success.

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media training
Why you shouldn’t be scared of outsourcing your broadcast PR

Don’t be frightened of outsourcing your broadcast PR – an experienced PR agency can often offer a huge range of skills, resources and experience.

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Radio anniversaries and why we should be celebrating

50 years ago today Radio Caroline began broadcasting, and 20 years ago 5 live went live. Find out more about radio in the UK in this blog.

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Video production trends
5 huge video production trends to consider before your next commission

Video content is more powerful than ever before as part of a PR strategy, but in order to produce something that will engage audiences and encourage them to share it’s important to be across video production trends.

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BVE event London
The future of video production in one easy blog

Shout! has been looking at the future of broadcast PR and video production at the annual BVE show.

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media training
19 new ways to secure TV coverage – essential reading for PRs

There a host of new local TV stations launching across the UK this year. We look at what type of TV coverage will be available.

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