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Posts by Carl Hughes

An Inside Look at Britain’s Got Talent
A trip to watch the live recording of Britain's Got Talent.  As experienced by Shout! Communications' broadcast consultant, Carl Hughes January is...
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Small Talk with Sky News, Head of Radio
As heard by Shout! Communications broadcast consultant Carl Hughes. Our most recent speaker in our on-going series of Small Talks, was Dave Terris, H...
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RAJAR 2021
Ah! The night before RAJAR - I remember it well. After spending fifteen years as a presenter, producer, and content controller in commercial radio, I ...
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What “Freedom Day” Means for Broadcast PR
Monday 19th July 2021; an historic day, or so we thought. The final lifting of lockdown restrictions across the country was meant to be a joyous occas...
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Small Talk with BBC Breakfast Editor Richard Frediani
BBC Breakfast is the most-watched morning show on British Television, with 6 million viewers tuning in every morning.  It's a key target for any broa...
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A Perfect Story For Broadcast PR
Obtaining widespread media coverage is the goal of any broadcast PR campaign.  That said, some stories tend to land better than others.   Three nat...
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