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Corinne Bishop, Deputy Editor, Good Morning Britain – Small Talk With Shout! Communications
Our last Small Talk of 2019 finished on a high, with our speaker Corinne Bishop, Deputy Editor of the Bafta nominated TV show Good Morning Britain.  ...
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What is B-roll?
What is B-roll? The term ‘B-roll’ comes from the world of film where editors used to use an ‘A’ and a ‘B roll’ of identical footage, befor...
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The changing radio landscape & what it means for radio PR

Shout! Communications set up Shout! Digital Radio for a special day of broadcasting in which we covered many different aspects of the broadcast and PR landscape to hopefully spread some light on areas listeners may not know so much about. I invited Lyndsey Ferrigan from RAJAR to take part. She’s the communications manager for the organisation which is responsible for monitoring audience figures in the UK.  

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Latest RAJAR figures reveal interesting trends across the UK
Implications of the latest RAJAR figures for broadcast PR

The main headlines see the total reach drop more significantly in London over the past 12 months than across the rest of the UK. Total UK radio audiences were down 0.9% in Q4/18 compared with Q4/17. In the capital the drop was 3.9% – with some stations losing hundreds of thousands of listeners. Regardless of this, 88% of the population listen to the radio at some point each week (48.4 million people). 

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Broadcast PR Campaigns Amidst Brexit

And just like that, January 2019 and all the broadcast PR campaigns about health and resolutions, has come to an end – over in a flash (or maybe not for those whose month has been drier than others). February often seems quite frantic and by March, ordinarily, the year has found its regular pace. Not this year though….

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The Perfect Case Study for your Broadcast PR Campaign

By Arthur Perkins, Broadcast PR Consultant

Case studies are an excellent way to attract a broadcaster’s attention; whether you’re pitching to TV, radio or online, journalists always appreciate this way of making a story more relevant to their audience.

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The 3 biggest obstacles to getting coverage on TV and Radio

By Arthur Perkins, Broadcast PR Consultant

You think you’ve got a strong story; the stats and spokespeople are lined up, you call the planning desk and they want you to send over your press release, you get a call back, they’re interested! Then, the producer calls and says, “something else has come up, we can’t do this anymore”. Cue despair.

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Arti Lukha, News Editor ITV News – Small Talk

By Arthur Perkins, Broadcast PR Consultant

Shout! recently hosted ITV Senior News Editor Arti Lukha for another in our series of Small Talks. Arti has experienced it all as a journalist, working her way up to the role of senior news editor at ITV News, where she works in conjunction with the programme editors deciding what stories the broadcaster will cover in their new bulletins.

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RAJAR Q4 2017 – figures proving radio is here to stay

By Arthur Perkins, Broadcast PR Consultant

The latest RAJAR figures are out and it looks like good news for breakfast shows. For those of you not in the know, RAJAR stands for Radio Joint Audience Research and it’s the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK; the organisation is jointly owned by the BBC and Radiocentre, on behalf of the commercial sector.

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The art of producing the perfect PR video

By Arthur Perkins, Broadcast PR Consultant

When filming video for your PR campaign, it’s important to bear in mind the finished product – either B-roll, online, corporate, or social media.

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Chiyo Robertson, BBC World News TV – Small Talk

By Arthur Perkins, Broadcast PR Consultant

In the latest installment of our Shout! Communications Small Talks, on Thursday 7th December 2017 we were delighted to host Chiyo Robertson, Editor of BBC World News TV Business Programming.

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RAJAR Q3 2017 – what does it mean for radio?

by Arthur Perkins

Rajar, the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK, has just released their Q3 figures for 2017, and there have been some surprising results.

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Shout! Communications’ Big Talk
You may well have attended one of our many Small Talks, which feature individual speakers from the world of broadcast news and daytime programming. Ou...
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Please take our QUIZ – and find out what Broadcast Personality you are!
What Broadcast Personality are YOU?? In the world of broadcast there are many different ways on lapping up your news and broadcast PR's are always ...
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Top 10 celebs for broadcast PR campaigns in 2016

Shout’s list of personalities we think broadcasters will be all over in 2016, so keep them in mind. We’ve included a mixture of people to accommodate any PR budget!

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The perfect spokesperson for broadcast PR
A spokesperson can make or break a campaign. Who you’re trying to target and what sort of image you’re trying to create are crucial questions to a...
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Top Tips for Green Screen
By Rory Green Are you interested in green screen filming but unsure how it would improve your broadcast PR campaign? This blog will look at three t...
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What broadcast PR spokespeople can learn from the Strictly Come Dancing audience!
by Keren Haynes, Shout! Co-Founder. I was lucky enough to be part of the Strictly Dancing audience last weekend – thank you to the producer who i...
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Broadcast Shake-Up
The broadcast landscape is ever-changing, however recent times show that competition is as high and as fierce as ever… The broadcast world is a v...
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How to make your broadcast PR story less commercial
The aim of every broadcast PR interview is to get at least a brand mention and/or communicate a key message. Journalists however, do not like heavily ...
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Video camera close up
Things to consider when commissioning a broadcast PR video
Video is everywhere! Mobile technology means videos can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Consumers have so much choice, making them pickier about wha...
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What makes a good broadcast PR news story?
Anything can be news, but not everything is newsworthy. Who, What, Where, When, Why, How? - These are the 6 elements that form a news story. The...
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Jim Naughtie
How to get a celebrity on the Today Programme
Hard news, politics and business.....think BBC Radio 4's Today programme and those sorts of topics dominate the running order most days. Think then ho...
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The Power of using Green Screen for Video Production
Green Screen: everybody has heard of it, but why should you bother using it for video production? In short, green screen is a simple and inexpensiv...
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Celebrity spokespeople: why we love them and hate them

Shout!’s latest blog discussed the reason why celebrity spokespeople may or may not work for you.

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How to: Use the Report-it app

Shout!’s latest blog explains how to use the Report-it app for instances when your spokesperson cannot make it to the radio studio.


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blog one
Broadcast PR Advice: How to make your health stories stand out in January

Shout!’s latest blog explains the best way to enhance your chances of gaining broadcast PR coverage when pitching  your January health stories.

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Top Broadcast PR tips from the BBC Head of Sport (English Regions): Charles Runcie
  The BBC Head of Sport. English regions has recently given a talk to PR practitioners at Shout! about how you can make your story stand ...
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Media Training: The Importance of Preparation

Find out more about media training and why it has become paramount to preparing a spokesperson for media interviews.

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The impact of video on Christmas promotion

An expert look at the impact of video on Christmas promotion

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broadcast PR campaign
The biggest radio campaign mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Learn from the mistakes that the Shout! broadcast experts have seen to ensure your next radio campaign maximises coverage.

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David Cameron
Broadcast PR advice: How not to be caught out by the microphone

Broadcast PR advice from the experts – after the PM was caught out with the mic on find out how to avoid saying too much to journalists.

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Broadcast PR advice: Why PR’s shouldn’t dismiss community radio stations.

Expert broadcast PR advice on why getting coverage on community radio stations could boost your media relations campaign.

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Video camera close up
Broadcast PR advice: How to double up your coverage on radio and TV

Our top tips on how to boost coverage for your media relations campaign.

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PR campaign
Media relations: how to newsjack broadcast news to your advantage

Need help to news hijack? Top tips from broadcast journalists

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Broadcast PR consultancy
How to tell it’s time to hire a broadcast PR consultancy

Struggling to get a good ROI on your broadcast PR activities? It might be time to reach out to a qualified broadcast PR consultancy to get better results.

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broadcast PR investment
Why every PR budget needs a broadcast PR investment

When allocating your PR budget, don’t forget the value you can gain from a broadcast PR investment.

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PR video
Integrated PR campaigns – how to successfully include broadcast PR

Any successful integrated PR campaign needs to include broadcast. Find out how to use each medium to relay a consistent message and get maximum brand exposure.

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Top media relations tips from Global Radio’s Showbiz Editor, Charlie Girling

Global’s Showbiz Editor, Charlie Girling, shares her top four media relations tips on how to secure coverage on Global.

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New TV Station – London Live

The Evening Standard’s new TV channel London Live will be launching on March 31, and it’s being hyped as one of the most important launches in the UK.

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LBC to go National – What this means for media relations

For media relations, securing broadcast PR opportunities with LBC has always been notoriously difficult, but the rewards are worth the effort.

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Best viral videos of 2013

Shout! Communications prides itself on innovative use of video. The power of video has never been as strong as it has been in 2013. At Shout!, 2013 has seen us create humorous videos, informative and educational films, live event coverage and emotional charity videos.

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